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              1. We only focus on your health

                What can the rehabilitation equipment have?

                發布時間:2017-06-27   瀏覽次數:915
                1, through the correct pattern to stimulate muscle movement, to stimulate the purpose of the nerve.

                2, the movement of muscle tension compression, improve the meridian return pressure, improve blood circulation.

                3, increase the degree of joint activity, reduce spasm. So that the body becomes more soft and.

                4, to maintain or restore walking ability, enhance the coordination of limbs.

                5, to promote metabolism, blood circulation and peristalsis, to prevent the occurrence of deep venous thrombosis and urinary tract infection.

                6, to improve the flexibility of hands and feet, enhance muscle strength and improve cardiovascular system function.

                7, for poor functional groups can use the motor to drive the body to do passive movement. For a slightly better function of the crowd can not
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