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                Reasonable choice of instrument four points

                發布時間:2017-05-23   瀏覽次數:1030
                  After arguing to buy a certain instrument, to make a reasonable choice, the choice of equipment is the most tough management of the link, it is related to the performance of the instrument is good or bad, the number of functions, the length of life, the price of poor and poor. Changzhou Dipu Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd. Xiao Bian for everyone to sum up the four points as a reference for the purchase of equipment, let's take a look at it
                    First, the instrument selection of the four points
                    1. Equipment support
                    Equipment must be supporting, including supporting a single machine (referring to a variety of instruments in a random tool, functional accessories, components to be complete). (Including a set of equipment, auxiliary equipment, control system and other supporting equipment), the project supporting (referring to a medical diagnosis, treatment projects or research projects required for the best equipment is perfect).
                    2. Reliable
                    Refers to the instrument's reliable performance, generally from the instrument's accuracy, sensitivity, durability and other considerations. The failure rate of the instrument is an important indicator of the reliability of the instrument.
                    3. Easy maintenance
                    Easy maintenance refers to the repairability of the instrument, easy to repair, it affects the maintenance and repair of the workload and costs. Maintenance of good performance equipment, and more has a simple structure, reasonable combination of parts, interchangeability and so on.
                    4. High efficiency
                    Teaching refers to the instrument on the medical, scientific research, teaching the effective role, taking into account the clinical use rate.
                    In addition, Changzhou Dip Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd. Xiao Bian that in the purchase time. Instrument energy efficiency, flexibility, applicability, etc. should also be taken into account.
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