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                Rehabilitation training equipment for whom?

                發布時間:2017-05-23   瀏覽次數:1007
                   Rehabilitation training equipment for the main body function of the obstacles to the use of training. These people's dysfunction or congenital, or sick sequelae, or caused by injury. Paralysis, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, amputation and other physical disabilities is the main component of this population.
                    In addition, the existence of limb dysfunction in the elderly and chronic diseases, patients also need to use rehabilitation training equipment. There are many kinds of physical dysfunction, can be roughly summarized as the following aspects:
                    Can not maintain the normal lying position and sitting, can not keep standing position, can not walk or walking ability is low, the posture is not normal or physical deformity, muscle strength or endurance, joint range of narrow, balanced function is poor or poor coordination, Abnormal movements or low ability, poor body movement, low activity of daily living and so on.
                    It can be seen that the classification system of rehabilitation training equipment corresponds to these limb dysfunctions. Users through the use of rehabilitation training equipment for functional training, can make the dysfunction does not occur, eliminate, reduce, or make it no longer continue to increase, or slow it to increase the speed, so as to improve the patient's health and improve their living ability. There are many varieties of rehabilitation training equipment, each user just use one of them.
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