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                How to distinguish between physical therapy equipment and physical therapy equipment?

                發布時間:2017-05-18   瀏覽次數:949
                   Rehabilitation care since it can be carried out in the hospital and the family, then the two places the use of rehabilitation equipment What is the difference? Changzhou Dip Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd. Xiaobian according to the relevant information to sort out some knowledge for your reference.
                    First, rehabilitation equipment according to the treatment and exercise methods, can be divided into physical therapy equipment and physical therapy equipment two categories.
                 According to reports, physical therapy equipment, including nerve and muscle stimulation of the electrotherapy equipment, magnetic therapy equipment, ultrasound equipment, infrared, ultraviolet, laser and other optical instruments, mechanical prostheses, electronic feedback equipment and various care beds.
                    1. Physiotherapy equipment has a certain degree of difficulty, and some also belong to high-tech products, only in the hospital through professional medical staff, according to the treatment of rehabilitation treatment.
                    2. Physical therapy equipment, also known as functional exercise device, if the body can have functional recovery of the disease training, physical health can also be health care, exercise and so on. It includes auxiliary walking exercises, traction equipment, massagers, orthoses and wheelchairs and other living utensils. Runners, lumbar muscle training, grip and the elderly use of the pacemaker, joint activities, etc. are fitness equipment.
                    Although a wide variety, but from the second national disability sample survey (2006) data, rehabilitation equipment service rate is not optimistic, less than 8%.
                    The current data must have improved, but the overall use of rehabilitation equipment for the disabled is still very low. This is one of the reasons why people in public places rarely see the disabled, their travel is subject to great restrictions.
                With the improvement of people's health awareness and living standards, rehabilitation of medical devices to obtain more elderly and the use of people with disabilities must become the trend, rehabilitation equipment sales have been kept rising curve.

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